Denyo Generators

Denyo Generators: Durable, Reliable & High Performing  

Providing reliable and uninterrupted power at sites where mains power is unavailable, Denyo generators are ideal for mining and emergency backup applications. Additionally, their extremely low DB rating makes them ideal for meeting noise restrictions on civil work and construction sites.  

Built to achieve maximum performance and withstand the toughest conditions, Denyo generators are designed to handle the harshest Australian climates. All models feature ‘all weather’ construction, enclosed in quality stainless steel weatherproof canopies to protect them from the harsh conditions often found in remote and rural environments. 

Fully Customisable To Your Needs 

Blue Diamond Machinery can customise your Denyo generator to suit any application, from mine site to rental options and more. Optional extras include: 

  • Trailer mounts 
  • Fire extinguisher 
  • Flashing beacon 
  • Heavy duty skid with fork points 
  • Lockable battery isolator 
  • Long range fuel tank 
  • 3 way fuel valve 
  • Hi Vis Tape 
  • Generator synchronisation for 2 or more units 

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why Choose a Denyo Generator?

    Denyo generators are known as one of the most reliable generator brands in the world. They boast some impressive features including premium Kubota and Isuzu engines and a fuel efficiency that beats most generators on the market by up to 30%. This, combined with the unparalleled support provided by Blue Diamond Machinery means there is simply no better option.

  • Are Denyo Generators Easy To Maintain?
    Denyo generators reliable performance and thoughtful construction make them extremely easy to maintain. The large doors on the side of the machine provide easy access for daily maintenance, as well as a bonnet that can be unbolted to allow full access to the engine.
  • Where Are Denyo Generators Made?
    Denyo have several manufacturing plants around the world, including Japan, Indonesia, Vietnam and the United States.
  • Do You Offer Warranties & Servicing for Denyo Generators?
    Our entire Denyo diesel generator range is backed by a generous 3 year - 3000 hour warranty for your peace of mind. Blue Diamond Machinery also offers 24/7 Australia wide servicing and support across our entire Denyo Generator range.