Self Bunded Fuel Tanks

Self-Bunded Fuel Tanks for Sale


Blue Diamond's range of self-bunded diesel fuel tanks are the perfect solution for site fuel storage of diesel, lubricants & waste oils. Our self-bunded diesel fuel tanks are built for Australia’s tough mining, construction & trade industries.


Our self bunded fuel tank range can be used to store a multitude of fuels & liquids, petroleum, biodiesel & waste oils. For on-site storage or easily relocated for use in remote and off-grid locations – in Australia’s tough rural trade, construction & mining environments.

Built tough, our self-bunded fuel tanks feature double steel walls, preventing any unwanted & potentially dangerous leaks or spillage of contained liquids. In the unlikely occurrence of a leak, our diesel tanks are self-bunded, with the second wall preventing any liquid spillage & potential contamination of your work site/environment.

Ranging from 500L to 65,000L+, our tanks are large enough that you won't need to factor in costs for staff to leave your work site to have their machinery or vehicles refuelled – saving time & valuable resources.

Regardless of your application, you are sure to find a self-bunded fuel tank to meet your fuel storage or transport needs among our extensive range.


Blue Diamonds range of Self Bunded Fuel Tanks are reliable, secure, easy to move and regulation compliant. Self-bunded fuel tanks suit a range of industries; from construction and trade to agriculture, mining and more. Available in sizes from 500 litres to 65,000 litres, these tanks can be small enough to fit on the back of your UTE or pickup truck, or large enough to fill up a lorry.

Benefits of Our Self Bunded Fuel Tanks;

  • Versatile- self bunded fuel tanks can be used to store more than just diesel. They are suitable for storage and transport of a range of fuels; diesel, petroleum, petrochemical and chemicals, as well as biodiesel, oils and waste oils. Self-bunded tanks can be easily relocated on site and used in remote locations.
  • Durable- our range of self-bunded fuel tanks are built to handle the unforgiving Australian landscape. With double steel walls to prevent leaks and spillage of any liquids contained. You can rely on the durability and strength of our self-bunded fuel tanks.
  • Cost & Time Effective- self bunded fuel tanks can store large amounts of liquids, with capacities in our range from 500L to 65,000L. This means that your staff won’t have to leave the premises to have vehicles or machinery refuelled, saving you valuable time and resources.
  • Warranty – Blue Diamond’s range of self-bunded fuel tanks carry a range of warranties to give you and your team peace of mind. With 1 to 5-year structural warranties available.

Blue Diamond Machinery supply a range of self-bunded diesel fuel transfer tanks to professionals in the field from Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, to Perth & Adelaide.


At Blue Diamond, we are extremely confident in the quality of the fuel tanks we distribute, which is why we offer 24/7 Australia Wide Support and provide Industry Leading Warranties throughout our entire self-bunded fuel tank range.


It’s important to ensure you select the right self-bunded fuel tank for your requirements. If you have any questions, please call 1300 998 647 to discuss your requirements.