Goupil UTVs

Goupil Electric UTVs For Council, Industry and Logistics 

Blue Diamond Machinery’s versatile range of Goupil electric UTVs are designed to service the needs of business sectors such as local council, industry, small business and logistical applications.  

Goupil electric UTVs are extremely versatile, available in a range of standard body configurations to suit a variety of commercial and industrial needs. Transport goods with the lockable box van or perform maintenance and cleaning with the tipping truck bed or high-pressure washer configuration. 

Goupil UTV’s are 100% electric, which means less maintenance and significantly lower operating costs compared to petrol or diesel counterparts. They output zero emissions or noise pollution, improving site safety and lowering your business's carbon footprint.  

Designed with an ultra-robust steel chassis, McPherson front suspensions and a double circuit brake system, our Goupil electric UTVs ensure a safe and comfortable drive. Their near silent electric operation also makes them ideal for use at night or in noise sensitive areas. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Applications Do Goupil Electric UTVs Suit?

    From moving people, equipment, goods or waste, Goupil Electric UTVs are exceptionally adaptable and versatile to most working environments. From campuses and waste management centres to airports and town centres, Goupil Electric UTVS make transport, collection, on-site travel, cleaning and maintenance duties easier and more sustainable.

  • Do Goupil Electric UTVs Have a Maximum Speed?
    The Goupil G4 range of electric utility vehicles have a maximum speed of 50km/h. Users can also limit the maximum speed if desired to suit the application surroundings. This means a safer trip, without disrupting surrounding staff or pedestrians in the area.
  • What Is The Range Of Goupil Electric Vehicles?
    The Goupil G4 electric UTV has a range up to 199 km with the 21kWh lithium battery pack. However, especially in the utility vehicle field, range is not a real issue as most end-users are only driving an average of 50 km/day.
  • Do You Offer Warranties, Servicing & Support?
    We are confident in our Goupil electric UTV range, which is why we offer 24/7 Australia wide servicing and support across our entire Goupil range. Our Goupil UTVs also come with generous warranties for your peace of mind. Blue Diamond Machinery supplies Goupil UTVs Australia-wide, from Melbourne, Perth locations, to Sydney, Brisbane & Adelaide, wherever you are located, we can assist.