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Solar Pumps

Grundfos Solar Pump Solutions 

Thanks to recent technological advances, solar-powered water systems are now able to pump water in remote locations beyond the reach of electric power lines. For Australian customers, solar water pumping is now a practical, clean and efficient solution.

Solar pumping solutions offer a wide range of benefits over traditional grid-based pumping systems, including easy installation, low maintenance and reduced operating costs.

Although the initial cost of a Grundfos solar pumping system may be more expensive than a typical generator system, the savings in the long term add up. These savings include:

• Reduced energy bills

• Reduced operating costs

• Reduced installation costs

• Reduced servicing costs

Grudfos products are made for the Australian Landscape

Grundfos offers a range of submersible, surface mount and floating pumping solutions for the rural and remote Australian landscape, including stock watering, small-scale irrigation and agricultural water supply and transfer.

Grundfos’ solar pumping solutions can be tailored to suit almost any application and local conditions. The range’s plug-and-go solutions ensure installation is simple and easy use, even under Australia’s challenging conditions.

The best part about using solar pumps is there’s virtually no maintenance. Grundfos’s products have built-in features to help protect the pump, lowering pump down-time and maintenance costs.

Australian customers want long term and cost-efficient solar pumping solutions. Grundfos offers full-line, customizable renewable solutions that are sized, configured and packaged to suit individual requirements. Because of this, the total lifecycle cost of a Grundfos solar pumping solution is considerably lower than other water supply systems.

Grundfos’ well-known technology solutions ensure that you have a reliable water supply to remote locations with no access to electricity. When you compare this to a conventional diesel powered pump, the typical payback time from the initial purchase of a Grundfos solar pumping system is approximately 1.5 years. If you are looking for a practical, clean and efficient pump solution you can’t go past the Grundfos range.

If you require a Grundfos pump, call us today on 1300 998 647.