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Inverter Generators

Inverter Generators for Sale


Blue Diamond Machinery has service agents Australia wide and sales and service offices in Perth and Melbourne, enabling us to deliver the right generator to your location. Our range of Portable Inverter Generators that are small, light, super silent and powerful. Browse our range of Inverter Generators and find the right model for your needs. Our inverter generators are perfect for Camping and Caravan- an inverter generator is an essential for camping or outdoor activities including RV inverters, fishing even a family BBQ. For Home use- perfect solution for providing household emergency backup or standby power. For Trade use- great for powering up tools while onsite or on the move.

Our Inverter Generators Are: 

  • From Leading Brands- our inverter generators are only stocked from trusted brands to ensure quality and reliability. Built to handle a range of recreation, camping, caravan and home backup applications, our inverter generators will always deliver a reliable source of power. 
  • Super Silent- our inverter generator range are small, light and super silent... While still remaining powerful. 
  • Affordable & Reliable- the Blue Diamond inverter generator range are affordable without compromising on quality. With some of our most popular models the GEN2500iGEN3650iE offering reliable power at a great price! 

Blue Diamond Machinery supply inverter generators Australia-wide, from Melbourne, Perth locations, to SydneyBrisbane & Adelaide, wherever you are located, we can assist.  Blue Diamond Machinery has generator service agents Australia wide.

Inverter Generator FAQ's

What is an Inverter Generator?

An inverter generator is just a generator with a built-in inverter. Inverter generators draw power from a DC source (e.g., a solar panel or a car battery), and converts the DC power into AC power using electronic circuitry. The converted electricity can be produced in different voltages and frequency, depending on the equipment to be used. They are generally smaller, lighter and quieter than standard generators. The beauty of the inverter generator is its ability to convert DC to AC power, and to do this, the machine uses a special microprocessor. To describe the role of this microprocessor, first, we must describe the operation. The generator produces significant amounts of AC electrical energy with every rotation of the generator engine; this AC energy is raw, so it must be converted via the microprocessor to DC, then converted back to AC power by the inverter. The final result is clean, usable, high-quality power.

What are Inverter Generators Used for?

The inverter generator design met a market wanting a quiet and easy machine to use, store and transport. They are typically purchased for use while camping, caravanning and around the home and in the construction industry when the location has noise restrictions, such as residential settings.

What are the Main Features of an Inverter Generator

The main features of this inverter generator are: 1. Less distortion due to cleaner voltage. 2. Greater fuel efficiency due to lower fuel requirements. 3. Lower carbon emissions, making them more eco-friendly. 4. Smaller size and lighter weight, making them easy to transport. 5. Inverter generators are compact, quiet, economical and produce clean power for running sensitive electronics 6. Powered with a 4-stroke motor 7. Uses standard unleaded petrol

Why Choose an Inverter Generator?

Purchasing an Inverter Generator is well suited to those seeking a quiet and easy machine to use, store and transport. Typical reasons to purchase an inverter generator are recreational, home, outdoor & camping, caravan applications, and are discussed in further detail below: Camping: inverter generators are frequently purchased for camping as they provide a recharge point for your car battery system, a back up to any solar setups and used directly to power kettles, washing machines, air-conditioners, blow dryers, microwaves etc. Caravanning: The inverter generator is excellent for caravanning trips that involve free stay camping as they can be used to charge deep cycle batteries or power appliances that generally draw more power, such as air-conditioning units, washing machines, microwaves, and kettles, hairdryers and the like. Household & Home Backup: Inverter generators are used as a backup electricity source or to charge devices and power appliances during a power shortage in and around the home. They are also frequently used to provide power to a range of places around the home not connected to electricity, like during a backyard party to power lights, music and appliances to cook and serve food. If you are unsure which generator is best, Our professional generator sales team are ready to provide expert advice and guidance, ensuring you choose the right standby generator to meet your needs.

What Size Inverter Generator Do You Need?

One of the first and very important steps to take when considering a purchase of an inverter generator is the size of the generator required to meet the desired need. Begin by gathering the following information, which will help in guiding this decision: 1. Locate the power requirements (in watts) of each appliance. This information should include the start-up and continuous running wattages. 2. Determine the number of appliances you will need to run at the same time, and calculate their combined watts 3. Calculating the power needs of your appliances in this way will give you a good idea of the size of the generator you require. For example, if your power needs come to 2,100 watts (2.1 kW), you should look for a generator with a capacity of at least this amount. 4. Important to note that generators are often described in terms of kVA (kilovolt-ampere). To convert kW to kVA you will need to divide it by the generator power factor. For a Generac home generator for example, which have a power factor of 1, you would need a 4kVA unit to meet a requirement of 4kW (4 divided by 1). For any further information, contact us on 1300 998 647.

Why Buy an Inverter Generator from Blue Diamond?

We have been supplying leading inverter generator brands to meet the needs of recreation, home backup and outdoor use for years. No matter what your application, chances are that we have the perfect inverter generator to meet your needs. From leading brand name inverters like Honda, to our affordable and reliable Genesys inverter models. If you are unsure which generator is best, our inverter generator sales team are available to provide expert advice and guidance, ensuring you choose the right generator for your application. Our Inverter generators are quiet, lightweight and reliable, we only stock quality inverters that can stand up to Australian conditions. We have over 30+ years of industry experience and provide leading inverter generator brands at the best price possible, saving you time and money. 

Do you Offer Warranties, Servicing & Support?

At Blue Diamond, we are extremely confident in the quality of the inverter generators we distribute, which is why we offer 24/7 Australia Wide Generator Servicing and Support and provide Industry Leading Warranties throughout our entire Inverter Generator range. It's important to ensure you select the right Inverter Generator for your needs. So, if you have any questions or need some help please do not hesitate to call us on 1300 998 647